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I am Lara

a wife, a mother to two little treasures, a daughter, a friend, a transformation coach, a woman. From the time I was a little girl, I have had an intense interest in the mind and human potential, which led me to complete an Honours degree in psychology and certify as a Master Life Coach.
In May 2016, after nine months of “all-day sickness”, I gave birth to my son, and instead of sinking into a period of blissful bonding and falling in love with my baby, I entered a time of utter darkness as post-partum depression landed with force. I refer to the four years that followed as my Winter. I felt as though life had stripped me bare and left me vulnerable to the elements; I felt parts of me die, my passion for life went to sleep, and I existed in the grey day in and day out. A month before my son turned four, I found a box of old photographs whilst clearing out a cupboard. The photo right on the top of the box was of 24 year old me, hands in the air, hair blowing in the wind, at some early hour of the morning, on the island of Bermuda. I needed to find her again! That photograph triggered in me an unrelenting determination to heal.

And now, here I am. I am alive. I am whole. I am awake. I am flourishing.


We all go through our Winter at some point, but the beauty of the Spring that follows is abundant if we choose to let it be and make it so. Whether you’re in the middle of your cold and grey Winter or you’re already in bloom, but you want to truly flourish, I am here to support you. I have developed two programmes (see below) to support you through life’s transitions and transformations, and I would be honoured to have you along.

All my love, Lara


Are you a soon-to-be mother (or father), or a mother navigating the fourth trimester of sleepless nights, a changed body, and a new identity?
Trimester Four parenthood preparedness workshop might be exactly what you need to make this transition a little less overwhelming and a whole lot more magical.
Come and see what it’s about here.


Are you feeling stuck, drained and uninspired? Are you overwhelmed by work, children, finances, your marriage, LIFE?
iDream iFlourish life transformation programmes and daily planners will
guide you step-by-step in creating a life that you are genuinely proud of, all while keeping organised and on top of life’s day to day demands.
Explore iDream iFlourish…

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