Body Bliss

For one night only, join me LIVE for a free webinar that may change the way you live in your body forever (and see those excess kgs begin melting away too).

Here are the details:

  • When: Wednesday, 28 September 2022
  • The webinar will take place on ZOOM
  • Start time will be at 19:45 (I will aim to wrap up by no later than 21:30).
  • What you need? Access to zoom, a notebook, a cuppa, and just be comfy.

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My life looks very different to what it did three years ago. My relationships are different, my finances are different, my house is different, the way I feel about my career and my work is different, my mental health is very different, and my body weight has decreased substantially. It’s the nearly 30kg weight loss that gets peoples attention and it’s something I get asked about all the time, but I haven’t really known how to address it, because when people ask "how" and I say "by making peace with my body", I am met with blank stairs and comments like "well that would never work for me, I need an eating plan".



If you're ready to find that place of bliss within your body, reach a place of FEELING good in your skin, have energy, and once and for all stop the yoyo diets and obsessive patterns that so many of us have picked up along the way, then this webinar is for you!


Blow magic-7

It's Spring time and before you rush onto the next eating plan to get that "summer body" ready, I am inviting you to join for me for this one night only FREE webinar where I am going to dish out the secrets that changed it all for me. My goal was never a certain number on the scale, a six-pack, or the commonly advertised, but rarely achieved "perfect bikini body". My goal was to FEEL incredible in my skin, wear my favourite clothes, have energy to run and play with my kids, to take care of my gut health, heart health and head health, and to reach a weight that felt healthy and was easy to maintain. My goal was to do that without counting calories, cutting out food groups, or starving myself. I needed it to feel easy and natural - and it did! It can feel this way for you too. I hope to have you along for this one night only webinar.

All my love,