I am so excited that you’re interested in learning more about iDream iFlourish. I know just how busy and overwhelming life can get, and so I have developed the ultimate life transformation programme that will guide you in re-evaluating and then reinventing your life into the absolute best that it can be.


The LIMITED EDITION iDream iFlourish for Mothers has just launched! Here is what it includes:


A complete life transformation coaching programme that will guide you through an in-depth evaluation of where you find yourself in your life right now and then guide you in creating your vision and plan for your life in its truest, wildest, most expressive form.


Unlimited access for one year to all the resources you need to thrive. The members-only area right here on the website contains meditations and downloadable worksheets to guide you deeper into the processes set out in the iDream iFlourish planner. All of this can be accessed in your own time and at your own pace.


The ultimate life tool - a journal and planner that lays out each step in the programme, guides you in creating your vision for your absolute best life and then lays out exactly how you work at bringing your vision to life a month, a week, a day at a time for 12 months.


Everyone loves a little extra, and so I have thrown in a beautiful pen, handy meal planner and grocery list for you to keep in your kitchen. The members-only area on the website is updated regularly with new content to help you get the most out of the programme - so the added support and helpful extras are endless.

Interested in the planner but want a little extra support and magic?

When you purchase the programme + planner you also get access to all of the online workshops. The workshops are accessible right here on the site via the member's area:

  • A monthly workshop on topics that are pertinent to mothers and this phase of our lives.
  • All topics are aimed at guiding you to a greater quality of life
  • Work through the workshop content in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Workshops are delivered through a combination of audio clips, videos and worksheets.

Start where you are, prepare to flourish.



The iDream iFlourish programme + LIMITED EDITION workbook and daily planner designed especially for mothers.



Pssst… Corporates!

In the last two years, the world has turned on its head, and many a business has too.

I’m about to get a little “woo-woo” on you, but hear me out.

Business as we know it needs to change! "Woah, Lara, how much more do we need to change. We've emptied out office parks, converted dining room tables into office desks, and learnt to run entire businesses over Zoom", you may be thinking. Here is the thing though: people run businesses and function within relationships, and those relationships have suffered. The great ideas that were born at the coffee station when two people bumped into each other are no longer. The passageway catch-ups about the weekend that connected your staff as people beyond their job titles and functions are no longer.

For the most part, businesses have been run with "masculine" thinking, principles, and values. The more hardcore the culture, the longer the work hours, the tougher the boundaries, the better the business. I have seen this “masculine” culture and thinking deeply entrenched in numerous all women-run and staffed companies too.

Those old narratives of taking the emotion out of business, business and pleasure don't mix and leave your personal life at the door, will further break already broken companies. The cracks have been called out in recent years, and they’ve been patched with token staff wellness programmes, red chocolate hearts for all of the staff on Valentine's day, and beer mugs for the dad’s on Father’s day. The problem is that the patching won't hold forever, and the cracks will start to show again.

The businesses that are going to thrive are going to be those that embrace "feminine" thinking. By this, I don't mean getting all the men into floral shirts and painting the walls pink. What I am referring to is developing leaders who genuinely embrace and adopt soft skills. I am referring to opening up the lines of communication, cultivating deeper connections between employees, and then cultivating deeper connections with consumers.

Throwing money at a cool ad campaign is no longer going to cut it because even the consumer is craving more connection than impersonal mailers and sweet-talking radio commercials have to offer. Organisations need to effect change from the inside out, and you can only effect genuine change with genuinely engaged people.

"Change happens from the inside out" is true for business too.

Chat to me about tailoring an iDream iFlourish programme and planner for your organisation. Let's work toward cultivating fulfilled employees who are engaged, connected, and working with vision and purpose. With a foundation of engaged and connected employees, cultivating deeper and more meaningful connections with your consumers will unfold naturally, you’ll see!