I was 7 months pregnant, and my husband and I went every Thursday evening to our antenatal class. We learnt all about the birth, we learnt a little about breast feeding, and touched on bathing the baby. I had kitted out a nursery, read the books, and bought the gadgets.

I Was Going Into Motherhood Prepared Or So I Thought.

In reality I wasn’t even nearly prepared for the absolute life shock and change that awaited. I was not prepared for TRIMESTER FOUR. For the sleepless nights, the emotional rollercoaster, the changes to my body, the changed dynamic in my marriage, and the loss of my identity.

The antenatal workshop prepared me for what to expect in the delivery room, but that was
not what I needed to be prepared for...


Here’s the thing. When you are in the delivery room, you forget everything you learnt, but you are surrounded by professionals who birth babies every day, and you are in really good hands. When you are back in the ward with a brand new baby on your chest, there are people to guide you as you figure out breast feeding.

Then you go home, and there is life, and it goes on… but it has changed in almost every way. You have changed, your body has changed, the exhaustion is overwhelming and you have been handed the biggest responsibility of your life.

What we forget is that when a baby born, so too is a mother born. That moment fundamentally changes who you are. We know this, but when we are expecting, we do not realise what that change and transition really entails. Think of Trimester Four like adolescence. Your hormones are all over the place, your skin and hair is changing, you are not entirely sure what to do with your boobs, and you are trying to figure out who you are.

Trimester Four is a bumpy ride, but it can also be a beautiful, sacred period of transformation if you “do it right”. By “do it right” I mean prepare for it, expect it, make space for it, and then sink in to it as it unfolds (all in your own way).


My Trimester Four programme will guide you into this period of transition prepared. The 3 pre-recorded video sessions are available for you to watch at any time in the week before, and then we connect
online to discuss each session on a Saturday morning.

Over the three weeks, we will cover:


Preparing for and caring for a new baby.

  • What you really need to prepare for baby before he/she arrives.
  • Understanding what to look out for and what to do when the inevitable baby “issues” arise.
  • Establishing a routine


The Fourth Trimester
Understand what it is, why is matters, and how to make the most of it.


Navigating the transition

  • Navigating your postpartum recovery
  • Preparing for the change to your life and relationship.


Anxiety & Depression
Understanding Postpartum Depression/Anxiety and what to do it if lands for you.

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Wondering what other parents had to say about attending the workshop?

“We attended Lara’s first ever Parenthood Prepared Workshop towards the end of last year. As first time parents we had no idea what to expect. We learnt so much at these classes and we really left feeling a whole lot more confident about the journey ahead.”

– Lauren & Chris

“What a lovely workshop! I was really on my last when I attended Parenthood Prepared, and so I was emotional and overwhelmed. Lara was so supportive and reassuring. My baby is now 3 months and we have managed so well. I really put that down to the ground work we did upfront.”

– Sarah & Jake