Stress Less Workshop




“Stress” has become commonplace in our lives, so much so, that our “state of stress” has become our norm. We live with it and through it, until something gives. Something always gives because we are not built to sustain unrelenting stress and at some point, our nervous system says “no more”!

Learning to understand our patterns of stress and then learning to manage it has become a critical skill that we all need to master.

In this workshop you will:

  • learn to understand and identify stress
  • Gain an understanding of the “stress cycle” (the journey from stressed to burnt out)
  • Create awareness of your particular “stress” triggers
  • Learn to creatively manage your stress, and ultimately eliminate it

Join me in a 50-minute recording of the workshop which you can do at any time or place that suits you best. There are also downloadable worksheets and two really great meditations to help you de-stress and find your centre.


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